February 5th, 2006

{kat-tun} ; peace to the heart.

Challenge Five Winners

Thank you to all the participants and voters! All the icons were wonderful, you guys have much talent! ^-^

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Banners should be up by the weekend.

Challenge Six will be up in just a second...I really mean it this time.
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{kat-tun} ; peace to the heart.

Challenge Six

PV challenge! This week, I'm giving you a PV: Ourselves.

I thought this PV would be fun to do. :P

Behind the cut are the images ----

Remember, you can submit up to two icons!

Submission ends Friday, Feb. 10th, 2006 at 6:00pm.

Good Luck!

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Remember to tell all your Ayu-loving friends about ayucon! ^-^
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