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where Ayu and Icons Collide

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Ayucon ; just a little fun with iconing ;

Welcome to ayucon, an exiting Ayumi Hamasaki icon contest where you can compete in an icon challenge each week against other members! At the end of each week, you yourself will vote for which icon is the best and then I'll count the votes to see who the fabulous winner is. After, I'll post the winners of the contest and make them their personal banners to show off their victory!

It is a must that you follow these rules each and every week:

1. Don't join unless you'll enter the contests and/or vote for the icons
2. You may submit up to two icons per week
3. When you post your icon, post the IMG SRC version and the URL
4. You may not take an icon made by someone else! We want to see your creativity!
5. The icon must be/no bigger than 100x100

To enter your icon in the challenge, comment on the instructions post for that challenge with your icon with the IMG and URL form. All comments will be screened.

For each challenge, it is possible to win one of the following awards:

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Mod's Choice Special Category

Affiliates =D

jamboray. miyaviicontest. ayumicontest. je_icontest. boa_contest. ayu_awards. kuu_awards. furuba_chorus. miyazaki_lims. asiancon100. utada_awards.

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